Meet the team

Viktor Ketipov

CEO / Programmer / Game Designer

Victor is the geeky guy, who’s always there to make sure the development process goes smoothly, the team stays productive, the code reads like a poem and runs like a lightning. Victor is also a game designer, who encourages everyone in the team to participate in the design process, because he truly believes that the whole industry should be involved in the design of its games.


Boris Stoyanov

Art Director / Level Designer

Boby is the quiet, know-it-all concept artist of our team. His normal day involves drawing for a few hours, throwing everything in the bin, crying in a dark corner for bit and then getting back up and starting to draw again. It’s a weird process but he both hates and loves it. And he also has a sort of English sense of humour.

Andrey Andreev

3D Modeller

Andrey is the talented 3D Artist, who generates 3D meshes with the speed of light and the precision of a swiss watch. Rumours has it that he has already replicated the world in 3D, but doesn’t think we are ready to see it. Sometimes he multitasks by 3D modelling on one monitor and playing indie games on the other. No one knows how he does it.

Our Services

Game Development

This is our passion. With more than 20 years combined professional experience, our team is ready to face any challenge. We are making whole projects come to live with the help of professionals from our vast network.

App Development

From an idea to a successful product on the App Store. We are bringing our extensive gaming knowledge into your apps for more engaging experience.


Stuck on a Technical, Art or Game Design problem? Don’t worry – we can help!

“Working with Kipi Interactive was an excellent experience. They were very organized and attacked each problem until a solution was found. Easy to work with and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend their services!”

Derek Francavilla

Manager Noble Kestrel
“When our project ran into technical difficulties due to third party software we had licensed, Kipi Interactive went way above and beyond to troubleshoot, work with the vendor, and help solve the problem. They were very easy to work with and worked very hard for us. We are very pleased.”

Jess Lebow

Co-Founder, VP Chief Design Architect uGen World
Kipi Interactive agreed to research different game engines in order to help me make an educated decision on which to use for my Indie game project. All recommendations were very well thought out based on research and insight into the gaming industry. Cannot thank them enough.

Scott Weaver

CEO Phase One Interactive
This team has a rare and admirable ability to take high level concepts and “drill down” to the component parts the,“nuts and bolts,” that makes the idea come to life and it is a joy to see the process in action. In short if you want the job doing right with meticulous attention to detail whilst keeping in mind the broad, big picture, then Kipi Interactive is the way to achieve this goal.

Matthew Crang

CEO XPRSystems
Kipi Interactive’s expertise and experience in Game Development was the key to implementing our vision and seeing our game concept come to life.  The development of our 3D mobile game was full of unforeseen challenges that required an experienced dedicated team. Kipi Interactive met the challenge and because of them we are producing an original high quality 3D Mobile Game for Children.

Gre-Fonda Hardy

CEO Bbop And Friends